Podcasting at Large Conferences

Podcasting at Large Conferences

Educational Podcasting Today is a weekly podcast that celebrates podcasters and podcasting. Its mission is to help educators learn how to create podcasts and amazing WordPress websites for their podcasts. For more information, please visit www.EducationalPodcasting.today.

Show Topics

  • In today's show, we are going to look at podcasting at a conference. We are going to talk about what types of equipment you should have with you and how to walk up to a total stranger and ask them for an interview. We will also discuss how you can properly archive those interviews using your WordPress website.

Listener Question

  • What is the best way of attending a conference as a podcaster?The best advice for anyone attending a conference, especially a mega-conference such as ISTE is to do your homework on the sessions and presenters. Don’t spend your time sitting a session when you can just as easily be reading a blog post or checking out the presenter's notes after the conference.
  • Know what type of content you want to record before you go in, but have enough equipment and hard drive space with you just in case you have additional interviews to do.
  • Bring backup batteries or portable battery chargers!

About Our Guest

Brent Warner is an ESL Professor at the Community College level and is a technology integration enthusiast. He is the proprietor of www.EdTech.tv and loves discussing the crossroads of education and technology. Brent is the host of the EdTechTV Podcast and you can contact him any time through Twitter at @EdTechTV

About the author, Jeffrey Bradbury

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