Selecting and Working With Podcasting Cohosts

Multi-host Podcasts

In today's episode, we explore and examine the inner workings of podcasting cohosts. How should you set up your podcast when there is more than one voice? What types of applications are available when working in a multi-author environment? What are some tips and tricks used to make sure everyone is contributing to your podcast? We explore all this and more in today's episode of Educational Podcasting today.

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Show Topics

  • EduRoadTrip Podcast
  • Working with and Selecting Cohosts for your Podcast

About Our Guest

EduRoadTrip is a podcast hosted by Greg Bagby, Justin Birckbichler, and Mari Venturino. Set up like a national road trip, this podcasts explores lessons gleaned from landmarks, meets up with featured guests, and shares teaching tips and tricks. Join us on the journey that is education!

Greg Bagby Greg is a principal in Chattanooga, Tennessee. As he matures, Greg would love to become an educational technology or music supervisor, as well as dabbling in making pizza! Greg's day off would consist of reading or playing around with new technology. On Twitter, Greg can be found @gregbagby.

Mari Venturino: Mari is a Seventh grade Science/AVID teacher at Mar Vista Academy in Imperial Beach, California. In the future, Mari would like to continue in her current role and perhaps be a mentor to other teachers. Mari spends her free time reading on the beach, eating ice cream, and playing with her puppy. You can connect with Mari on Twitter through her handle @msventurino. Read her blog at

Justin Birckbichler Justin is a fourth-grade teacher at Hilda J. Barbour Elementary School in Front Royal Virginia. If Justin had a day off from teaching, you could find him reading or playing around with technology or his cat. Technology is one of Justin's passions and he strives to be a technology coach in the future. You can read Justin's blog at or connect with him on Twitter with @Mr_B_Teacher


About the author, Jeffrey Bradbury

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