When Should We Redesign Our Websites?

When do you decide to redesign your website

In this episode of Educational Podcasting Today, we take a look at the newly redesigned TeacherCast.net and learn why the WordPress Theme, Plugins, and Design were selected as the future of the Teachercast Educational Broadcasting Network.

Educational Podcasting Today is a weekly podcast that celebrates podcasters and podcasting. Its mission is to help educators learn how to create podcasts and amazing WordPress websites for their podcasts. For more information, please visit www.EducationalPodcasting.today.

Show Topics

  • The History of TeacherCast's Website
  • Why Change The Website
  • Shared Hosting vs Virtual Hosting
  • Godaddy vs Bluehost
  • Choosing the right WordPress Theme
  • Choosing the right Plugins
  • Providing valuable feedback to Jeff

Podcast Recorded in 2015

About the author, Jeffrey Bradbury

Jeff Bradbury, creator of TeacherCast, and father of the famous @EduTriplets Thanks for checking out TeacherCast today. Please take a moment to find me on all of my Social Media channels!