Should We Edit Our Own Podcasts?

Editing your own podcast

In this episode, we meet Carli van Heerden, founder of Together, we discuss tips and tricks on how to create and produce perfectly edited podcasts and how you can set your show up for success with both your listeners and Google.

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Show Topics

  • Editing Your Podcast
  • Preparing your show for a professional editor
  • Tips and Tricks for editing your show
  • What should be edited …. and what should NOT be edited from your podcast
  • Should your show notes include a transcription
  • Tips and Tricks for educational podcasters working with Students

About Our Guest

My name is Carli van Heerden and I believe that every woman has an incredible calling to become successful by doing what she loves. Why do I believe this so strongly? Because every woman was built uniquely and beautifully to not only live the life she desires but to love every moment of it! 

After graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce, moving across the globe to plan my wedding, and finding my purpose in between it all, I know exactly how overwhelming it can be. I’ve been in the trenches ever since, hustling to create the life I want to live.

In 2015, I founded We Edit Podcasts while travelling abroad through South East Asia. I started the company after my husband hired someone to take care of his podcast, I realized there was a need in the market for a podcast editing company that was cost-effective, with fast turn around times.

Over the past 17 months we have grown into one of the larger North American based podcast production companies that serve clients from all over the world. We have been fortunate to put together a talented team of editors, transcriptionists, sales staff, and writers that make up We Edit Podcasts as it is today.

Whilst I love building a company full time, I also enjoy living a healthy, active outdoors lifestyle in the beautiful Rocky Mountains and travelling with my husband.


We Edit Podcasts is the fastest podcast editing, transcription, and show notes company. We support podcasters in making their production process more efficient and cost-effective. The times of struggling with post-recording and expensive transcription and show notes services are over!

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Podcast Recorded in 2015

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