Reimagining Schools: Featuring Greg Goins

Greg Goins

In this episode of Educational Podcasting Today we welcome school administrator and podcaster Dr. Greg Goins on the podcast to discuss the importance educational leadership and podcasting on school administrators and how they they can bring podcasting and personalized professional development into their inner circle. Dr. Goins is the host of the brand new Reimagine Schools Podcast that can be found on Apple Podcasts and other fine audio platforms.

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • The Reimagine Schools PodcastNew Podcast
  • Brand new show vs updating your original concept
  • Learning from your first show to create an even better second show
  • The difference between K12 and Higher EdAre HigherEd Schools ready for today's digital students?
  • Are students ready for today's Higher Ed colleges and universities
  • Podcasting for School Administrators
  • How to reimagine your school district or buildingsHow to define challenges
  • How to sell the concept of change
  • How to be a leader amongst leaders
  • Ted Dintersmith – New Book
  • The Difficulty of creating change in a culture
  • How to find the next leader amongst a school of teachersHow to find the next leader in an interview process

About our Guest

Dr. Greg Goins is the Director of the Educational Leadership Program at Georgetown College (KY) and serves as a Professor in the Department of Education. Prior to working in higher education, he spent 15 years as a school district superintendent in Illinois and has a wealth of K-12 experience as a former teacher, coach, athletic director, principal and elected school board member. Dr. Goins is a popular speaker and presenter on Digital Leadership and is the host of the Reimagine Schools Podcast.

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Hosted by Dr. Greg Goins, the Reimagine Schools Podcast features many of the nation's top educators, authors and innovators in P-12 education. Join the conversation as we “reimagine” how Future Ready Schools can transform learning for a new generation of connected students.

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