Blogging Like a Podcaster with Laura Yates

Laura Yates

In this episode of Educational Podcasting Today, we welcome blogger and podcaster Laura Yates on the program to discuss how teachers can help improve student engagement through blogging and podcasting. If you ever wanted to learn how to write a blog, check out the great resources on Laura's website

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • About Laura’s PodcastAdvice for New Podcasters
  • Passions vs Professional
  • “Just start and take your first step”
  • Tips and Tricks for creating a website / blog / brandWordPress vs Squarespace
  • “Don’t make it difficult”Start with Free
  • Know your audience and write for them
  • Understanding how Google worksKeywords
  • Should we be teaching the art of blogging to our students?Why Teach BloggingTo prove your expertise
  • To build your profile as an influencer
  • To connect with other people a
  • To make their personality stand out
  • How to teach Blogging to young learnersListen to your audience and make your content fit THEIR needs
  • Blogs vs WebsiteWhat is the difference?
  • Having a blog for your website or a website for your blog
  • When should your blog/podcast move towards monetizing

About our Guest

Laura Yates is a writer, coach and podcaster has been blogging and writing in the niches of health/wellness, business and personal development since 2009. Laura has been featured in the likes of Glamour Magazine, the Daily Mail, Eharmony, VICE, Entrepreneur on Fire, Tiny Buddha and Mashable. Laura can be found at

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