Using Podcasts As The Foundation Of Your Curriculum

Listenwise Podcast

In this episode of Educational Podcasting Today, Jeff welcomes Monica Brady-Myerov on the podcast to talk about how teachers can build an entire curriculum from Podcasting Activities.

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why are podcasts so popular?
  • Why create podcasts in your classroom?
  • What is Listenwise?Curated Podcasts for the classroom
  • How to create podcasts in the classroom
  • Soundtrap – Online Editing Studio
  • Podcast: Designing Student Podcast Projects
  • Where to find Podcasting Professional Development
  • How to bring podcasts into the classroom for classroom activities
  • Online Editing ToolsSoundtrap
  • Audacity
  • Free Apps for Voice Recording on Mobile Devices
  • Garageband
  • Advice on teaching students how to be a podcast hostAsking the right questionsHaving a scripted conversation
  • How to put together an interview
  • How to practice working with guests
  • How to be reflective of student work
  • Finding the right length for a student-created podcast
  • Recording the morning announcements in your school

About Monica Brady-Myerov

Monica Brady-Myerov is the Founder & CEO of Listenwise, a listening skills company that curates the most compelling podcasts for use in the classroom. She is a content area specialist in audio and its use in the classroom and an expert in fact-based reporting and narrative storytelling. She is a 25-year veteran public radio journalist, her reports have been heard on NPR, Marketplace and numerous other outlets nationally and internationally.   

About Listenwise

Listenwise is an award-winning listening skills platform for grades 5-12. We curate compelling NPR podcasts for use in the classroom, providing rigorous academic content for all populations of students. Listenwise provides comprehensive lessons including differentiated instruction and scaffolding supports for literacy. Find more information at:

Notably recently Soundtrap for Education and Listenwise have recently partnered to offer professional development for classroom podcasting.

About the Student Podcast PODCAST

The Student Podcast PODCAST is a podcast featuring great student podcasts. Each episode highlights student work and highlights teacher tips & best practices about the challenges and successes of podcasting with their students. We believe elevating students’ voices beyond the classroom and sharing the lesson process will inspire others to get podcasting with their classes! Hosted by Monica Brady-Myerov, CEO & Founder of Listenwise, a listening skills program for middle and high school students.

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