Lesson: Impossible – An Exploration of Educational Innovation

Lesson Impossible

In this episode of Educational Podcasting Today, Jeff welcomes educator and podcaster Aviva Levin, host of the Lesson Impossible Podcast onto the program to discuss her passions for creating a theme based podcast that focuses on teacher stories that are sure to inspire you in in your classrooms!

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why did you get into podcasting?
  • You never forget your first … recording
  • How to create a Trailer for your Podcast
  • Creating a concept for your podcast: Lesson Impossible
  • Creating a community of podcast listeners
  • How to record your podcast
    • Microphone: Yeti
    • Recording in a Closet
    • Recording online with Zencaster which provides individual audio tracks
    • Final Edits through Garageband
    • Audio Host: PodBean
  • Life Lessons you learn about yourself through your podcast
  • How to choose your content strand for your podcast topics and guest list
  • How to publish your podcast
    • Website Platform: Squarespace
    • Graphics Creation: Apple Preview
    • Social Media

Advice for content creators in 2023 and beyond

About our guest: Aviva Levin

Aviva Levin is the host of Lesson: Impossible – An Exploration of Educational Innovation, where she introduces listeners of the podcast to “special agents” (i.e. fellow educators) who will inspire you with new ideas, or make you feel less alone as they share their own setbacks. Aviva is passionate about language education, and has an accompanying blog where she shares strategies and resources for the second language classroom, particularly around using drama and improv-games.

About the Podcast: Lesson: Impossible

Your lesson, should you choose to accept it, is to strengthen your practice through interviews with fellow educators who are exploring new ways to teach languages, revisiting previously held assumptions and enriching their classroom or school culture. Being a classroom teacher can be very isolating, and your host, Aviva Levin, hopes to introduce you to “agents” who will inspire you with new ideas, or make you feel less alone as they share their own setbacks.

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