What is The Best Teacher Podcast? A Conversation with Grant Wootten

Grant Wootten Podcast

In this episode of Educational Podcasting Today, Jeff welcomes educator and podcaster Grant Wootten onto the podcast to discuss his new podcast, The Best Teacher Podcast!

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • The problems with current teacher resources and how this leads to overwork/bad outcomes for everyone.
  • The benefits of teacher collaboration and cross-pollination across disciplines and subject areas.
  • The gap between research and practice in education, particularly with regard to long-term retention.
  • The power of paper mediums/materials vs digital.

About our Guest: Grant Wootten

Grant Wootten has been a working as an English language and literature teacher in Thailand for 10 years. Most of this time has been in government schools of the countryside, where he founded and lead an ongoing non-profit effort to provide more qualified English teachers to underprivileged communities. Today he teaches at ICSN, an international school near Bangkok that caters to the local Thai population. He is the founder and creator of Edusfere, a website that endeavors to combine a database of the best teaching ideas and resources with the most efficient and effective lesson planning tools ever made. Lastly, he is the host of a new show where he interviews the best teachers from around the globe, aptly named “The Best Teacher Podcast.”

About The Best Teacher Podcast

The Best Teacher Podcast interviews everyday teachers from around the globe doing amazing, innovative things in their classrooms. Every week you'll meet incredible educators, hear their best stories, learn about resources you'll love, and gain strategies that can transform your students' learning experience. Because teachers are THE BEST.

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About Edusfere

The promise of “ready-made” is never true, and teachers often have to choose between using imperfect material or building everything from scratch.

Edusfere solves this by giving you the best of both worlds—a library of great teaching ideas combined with the power to personalize everything you find.

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