What is the difference between doing a podcast and doing a radio show?

Podcasting vs Radio Show

Educational Podcasting Today is a weekly podcast that celebrates podcasters and podcasting. Its mission is to help educators learn how to create podcasts and amazing WordPress websites for their podcasts. For more information, please visit www.EducationalPodcasting.today.

Show Topics

  • History of Podcasting
  • Podcast and Radio
  • Listening to Podcasts in the Car
  • What equipment would work for inside the classroom?
  • About the New Media Show
  • Advice for New Podcasters
  • How should someone new to podcasting get started?
  • What equipment would work for inside the classroom?
  • Best practices for sharing a podcast
  • Podcasting for Free in the Classroom

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Check out this Podcast to learn the difference between Radio Shows and Podcasts!

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About Our Guest

Rob Greenlee the current co-host of The New Media Show audio & video podcast that airs LIVE every Saturday morning at 9am PST/Noon EST and the former founder and lead host of WebTalk World Radio Show and Zune Insider podcast.  WebTalk Radio was an 7 year running nationally syndicated terrestrial broadcast radio show, webcast and podcast. WebTalk Radio was heard on XM satellite radio and is recognized as the first broadcast radio program in the world to begin podcasting on Sept 15th, 2004.

Rob is currently the President of LoudVox: On Demand Audio and Podcast Consulting.  Formerly with PodcastOne as EVP/CTO and am former Business Manager and Content Manager, Podcasts at Microsoft Zune, Xbox and Windows Phone.  Rob attended Pacific Lutheran University where he earned a BBA in Business Administration with a Marketing Concentration.

About the author, Jeffrey Bradbury

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