Hapara – GSuite Management System for School Districts (2015)


Jeff sits down with Jack West to discuss why Hapara is the perfect tool for any school district wishing to properly and effectively manage their GAfE environment.

About Hapara

Hapara is a Māori word for dawn or daybreak. Teacher Dashboard was first conceptualized by a pioneering group of educators and developers working together to serve an underprivileged population of students in Auckland, New Zealand.

The tools were built in a collaborative fashion to solve the knowledge management challenges teachers face when going all in with Google Apps. The Hapara team has grown significantly since the inception and now has team members in New Zealand, California, Boulder, Colorado and Washington DC.

Hapara’s exclusive focus on K12 education solutions for Google Apps has won the team several awards including the New York City Gap App Challenge Best Administrative App, the Texas Association of School Administrators iZone Award, and a Gates Foundation Literacy Challenge Prize.

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Recorded June 2015

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