Happy Birthday TeacherCast! | ISTE 2022 Wrap-Up & Review

ISTE 2022 Review and Wrap-up Podcast

In this episode of the TeacherCast Podcast, we celebrate our 11th Anniversary!

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About our Interview Guests

Ripple Effects

John Ray-Keil, CEO / Heidi Raykeil, Chief Product Officer

Founded in 1997 by child advocate/media creator Alice Ray and technology innovator and producer Sarah Berg, Ripple Effects is a multi-award winning, social enterprise (WMBE) dedicated to using emerging technologies to prevent social injury and promote school and life success for all youth The company provides trauma-informed, culturally responsive, personalized, evidence-based digital programs for delivery of social-emotional-behavioral supports and training for PreK-12 students and staff. In 2022, its program, Ripple Effects for Teens, was designated by CASEL as a Promising Program for social and emotional learning, meeting or exceeding most of CASEL’s criteria for high-quality SEL programming.

The Ripple Effects Digital Suite of preK-12 Programs:

Ripple Effects’ personalized digital programs and educator tools help preK-12 students address risk factors, mental health, trauma, inequity, behavior issues, SEL skill deficits and everyday challenges:

  • Bouncy’s Ready to Learn Resilience program – Early Learners (PK-1)
  • Ripple Effects for Kids – Elementary (2-5)
  • Ripple Effects for Teens – Secondary (6-12)
  • Educator Ally – Professional Development for Educators

Links of Interest


Erin Winer, Director of Marketing / Larry Torri, Director of Sales

  • Wacom is the leading manufacturer of pen tablets and interactive pen displays. Its multiple partnerships including Foxit, Pear Deck and Explain Everything, and Kami, provide endless ways for teachers to integrate Wacom into the classroom.
  • Wacom is doing a giveaway of a classroom set at ISTE.
  • Wacom is expending Chromebook compatibility for its products, bringing intuitive and natural pen technology to the fast-growing number of Chromebook users.

Links of Interest


Remi Del Mar, K12 Product Manager

  • Epson is focused on making it easier for teachers to integrate projection technology into their classrooms with its BrightLink GoBoard and its BrightLink Academy eLearning courses. With GoBoard, teachers can connect up to 30 student devices and bring the interactivity down to the student devices. Teachers can also tie video websites and more into lessons with the software.
  • Projection technology provides teachers with flexible display options that fit varied teaching styles. Epson’s projectors can be used as traditional displays, or for collaborative group work, or for distance learning.
  • Epson’s displays have an advantage over flat panels in that they provide big, bright images that can be seen even from the back of the classroom, and also save wall space which many teachers see as a big benefit.

Links of Interest


Chris Klein, Head of Education

  • Avantis Education’s VR products (ClassVR, Avantis World, Eduverse Expeditions and VRroom) are designed specifically for education. This differentiates them from other VR products on the market and makes it easier for teachers to implement these products in the classroom to engage students in curricula.
  • Avantis Education announced the Eduverse at ISTE. This is a web-based platform where students can experience immersive online content and interact with each other as avatars in a secure, controlled metaverse. The Eduverse helps make the K-12 metaverse accessible to teachers and students regardless what devices they use.
  • Avantis Education’s newest product is Eduverse Expeditions, which is a free offering to help schools use their Google Expeditions kits. It comes with a library of VR and AR content including 3D models which Google Expeditions did not have.

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