4 Critical Hacks Every Website Needs

4 Things Every Website Needs

In this episode of the Jeff Bradbury Show, Jeff discusses the 4 things that every podcast website needs to have to be efficient and successful.

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4 Critical Things Your Website Needs To Be Successful

A Focus

Every website needs a focus but not every website HAS a focus.  When developing your website, there are only two major focuses that you should be thinking about…. YOU, and YOUR AUDIENCE.

A Well-Organized Office Suite

Over the last few years, I have been asked the same question over and over … “how do you keep everything organized?”  The answer is simple … GET ORGANIZED AND STAY ORGANIZED!

Last year, I converted all my TeacherCast files from Google into Microsoft Office documents and started using Microsoft Teams to keep everything neatly wrapped under one digital roof.  Because of this system, I am now able to quickly create a series of templates that span weeks into the future saving me countless hours of prep time each week.

Using applications such as Microsoft Teams, Planner, and Microsoft 365 has provided me not only with an organizational system from which I can build my business but also allows me to have more time at home with my family.

Clearly Defined Landing Pages

Every website is made up of posts and pages, but what is the difference?

Blog posts, podcast posts, and other like content are uni-themed pieces of content that are dynamic in nature. Your pages, however, are vehicles where not only your posts and podcasts live, but your audience spends the majority of their time.

Creating landing pages that not only tell your story, but walk your user through a content journey will allow you to determine not only what they click on, but HOW they click on the content you are creating.

Email Marketing

If you are looking to Build Your EDU Brand, then email marketing needs to be always on the front of your mind. The ability to bring in a reader or listener to your website is easy, but capturing their email and allowing them the opportunity to be a part of your inner circle is a completely different ball game.  Your email marketing starts on the top of your front page (no pop-up’s please) and ends months and months later when you convert those users into paying customers of your book, online course, or additional content.

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