5 Rules of Personal and Professional Branding

5 Rules of Professional Branding

Are you looking to grow your platform but not sure where to start?  

In this episode of the Jeff Bradbury Show, we are going be taking a look at 5 Rules of Personal and Professional Branding.

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At this moment, I'm guessing you might fit into one of these categories:

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  2. You are looking to build a distinguishable brand for yourself to get noticed by edtech companies, professional learning conferences, or perhaps … employers.
  3. You are looking to take your current website, blog, podcast, book, and/or social media strategy to the next level

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In this challenge, you are going to learn:

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  • How to create a branded professional slide deck for your next conference that grows your email list.
  • How to fight the war on the inbox and what it means for your unopened emails.
  • How to improve your email open rates so that the work you put into your emails gets noticed clicked on.
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5 Rules of Personal and Professional Branding

Be Hyper Focused

When you are trying to create something that you want people to remember you for, it’s critical that you stay hyper-focused. This will help you not only stay on brand but keep you focused on hitting your target avatar.

If you create content in multiple content streams it gets messy and tends to confuse your audience who will eventually grow to expect a certain type of content from you each week.

For example, if you are used to writing long-form content then it’s best to keep that format.  Suddenly switching to short-form content might turn off some of your long-time supporters.

Be Authentic

One of the biggest lessons that anyone can learn early on in their brands is the ability to become vulnerable and authentic with their audience.  It is extremely difficult to gain a subscriber, attract a podcast listener, or entice a company to work with you. On the other hand, it’s very easy to 

Have a Story

Audiences connect to people, not to content.  If you create a great blog post or write a good book, you may get several people checking it out, but once they get what they need, they will eventually bounce and might never come back.  However, if you can find a way to tell your story through your content your audience will be able to connect not with just what they are trying to consume, but with YOU the content creator.

Be Consistent

Being consistent means being consistent everywhere.  When you go through the process of creating a brand you take the time to think about your logo, brand colors, fonts, styles, and tone of your product. (and so much more)  Consistency is that one thing that makes people remember you.  

Think about your favorite soft drink company.  What makes them stand out from the pack? Is it the way that their drink tastes?  Maybe … but I bet it’s also the way the product looks, or the packaging they use, or the colors and style of their logos.  

Consistency is super important when creating your brand kit as well as any content that you produce.  

Live Your Brand

Have you ever seen a speaker get up and do a big presentation and then get off the stage and do a complete 180 when you meet them?  

If you are hyper-focused on what you are doing, being consistent and authentic about your story then you are on the fast track to living your brand.

Your audience wants to route for you. They want to see you succeed.  They want to know what you are going to be posting next because they want to get to know YOU.  

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