How Can You Use Instagram Stories To Promote Others and Build Your EDU Brand?

How To Use Instagram Stories To Promote Others

In this episode of the Jeff Bradbury Show, Jeff sits down with the creator and host of the Teachers on Fire network, Tim Cavey to discuss how he is building his EDU brand through Instagram Stories, podcasting and so much more!

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Use Stories to Share Your Message

Stories are a terrific way to reach your audience, and build know, like, and trust. They’re also the single best way to get in front of other eyeballs (or replace Twitter’s retweet) on platforms like Instagram.

Instagram is my go-to place for stories, but you should share your story content on your personal Facebook profile, LinkedIn, Twitter, and potentially TikTok as well.

  1. Show up daily: vlogs are best ROI for time-to-impact, polls and sliders are also fun
  2. Use the Clipomatic app (or similar) to auto caption for people watching on silent
  3. Shout out creators and their content
  4. Use your phone’s screen or video capture with microphone to comment on your content
  5. Use the Spotify share feature to share to IG stories with Spotify link
  6. Use Canva templates and stock video to put messages in front of video

The TeacherCast 90-Day Email Marketing Challenge

At this moment, I'm guessing you might fit into one of these categories:

  1. You have a great idea that you would like to get noticed by the educational community
  2. You are looking to build a distinguishable brand for yourself to get noticed by edtech companies, professional learning conferences, or perhaps … employers.
  3. You are looking to take your current website, blog, podcast, book, and/or social media strategy to the next level

Join the TeacherCast 90-Day Email Marketing Challenge Today!

In this challenge, you are going to learn:

  • How to find and target your Avatar to grow your email list.
  • The importance of having a great looking website and how to build the one that attracts eyes on your brand and grows your email list.
  • How to grow a successful Social Media strategy that gets you noticed and grows your email list.
  • How to create a branded professional slide deck for your next conference that grows your email list.
  • How to fight the war on the inbox and what it means for your unopened emails.
  • How to improve your email open rates so that the work you put into your emails gets noticed clicked on.
  • and much more …

About our Guest: Tim Cavey

Tim Cavey is a husband, stepfather of two, 8th grade teacher, assistant principal, and the host of the Teachers on Fire podcast. In 2019, he completed a Master's in Educational Leadership degree that re-ignited his fire for teaching and put him on a new path of growth, professional reflection, and content creation. Tim's a firm believer in the growth mindset and advocates often for the kinds of informal professional learning that can be found on social media and in blogs, vlogs, or podcasts. When he's not creating content or spending time with his family, you'll find Tim hiking, flying his drone, or paddleboarding in the chilly waters of the Pacific northwest.

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