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Augmented Reality with Metaverse

In this episode of the TeacherCast Podcast, we discuss Augmented Reality with Metaverse CEO, Dmitry Shapiro. Together, we explore how Augmented Reality is being used in and out of the classrooms and learn where this amazing technology will be taking us as we head into the future.

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Dmitry Shapiro is CEO and Co-Founder of GoMeta (Metaverse), an augmented reality platform. Before Metaverse, Dmitry founded three companies (in network security, online video, social networking), raised $100 million in venture capital, tried to bring MySpace back from the dead (as CTO of music), and spent four years at Google working on a social graph, content discovery, and identity.

The Metaverse AR platform makes it easy for non-techies to create augmented reality. While it has applications across many industries, K-12 teachers were the first to embrace Metaverse, and it is being used in thousands of classrooms across the world.

About Metaverse

Metaverse is an Augmented Reality platform that makes it easy for teachers and students to create amazing interactive experiences without having to code.

Thousands of teachers are building all kinds of interactive curriculum, including educational games, stories, puzzles, challenges, scavenger hunts, and more. The most popular thing teachers are building are Breakout EDU-style challenges in Augmented Reality. Breakout Experiences can be built in under 15 minutes (Here's a tutorial).

Not only have teachers been building Metaverse Experiences for their students, they are having students build experiences themselves. Metaverse is great at teaching the logic behind computer programming, allowing students to build things they can see, use, and play with immediately.

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This weeks question is:

Question: How do you see yourself using Augmented Reality in your classrooms? 

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