What Can We Learn From Our Student Education Association Chapters?

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Welcome to a new podcast series, the Jersey Educator Podcast, sponsored by the New Jersey Education Association. Whether you are a teacher, an education support professional, or a New Jersey Student Education Association member, this show will serve as a platform to help YOU bring out the best in your students . . . each and every day in your schools. The shows are hosted by Jeff Bradbury of TeacherCast.net (@TeacherCast) and Jim Boice, a field representative with NJEA (@boiceinthehood). For more information, please visit njea.org/podcast and email us at podcast@njea.org.

In this episode, we welcome two members of the New Jersey Student Education Association, Hannah Pawlak, and Megan Namnama on to the podcast to discuss the New Jersey Student Education Association with us and share their passions for becoming educators.

Upcoming NJEA Events

The NJEA Early Career Member Network is sponsoring a Twitter Chat and a Bowling Event in February.

  • Twitter Chat: Feb. 1, 2016. Join us for our first #NJEAChat. The topic will be your profession, your future. Tweet with your colleagues from across the state on your best practices and share your vision for the future of public education. Learn more at njea.org/earlycareermembers.
  • Bowling Event: February 19, 2016, at Colonial Bowling and Entertainment in Lawrenceville, NJ. Join us for a night of bowling, courtesy of the NJEA Early Career Member Network. Buffet dinner and two complimentary drinks will be provided. Just like other networking events, connect with your colleagues from across the state. No agendas. No speeches. Learn more and RSVP at njea.org/earlycareermembers.

Tech Tips

As we settle into the second half of the school year, it's a great time to be innovative with your students. One of the best ways to be creative and exciting with your students is to teach them the value of connecting with others and collaborating on digital projects. One potential project might involve video conferencing with another class. There are several great applications available for platforms of all kinds to help your students become safe, digital citizens.

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Show Hosts

Jeffrey Bradbury, author of Kidblog: An Introduction to Blogging With Your Students, is the creator of TeacherCast.netTeacherCast University, and Educational Podcasting Today, is an ASCD Emerging Leader, Google Certified Teacher, Google Education Trainer, PBS Learning Media Digital Innovator, speaker, writer, broadcaster, consultant and educational media specialist. He is currently the Coordinator for Technology Integration for the Westwood Regional School District in New Jersey. In 2012, Jeff was recognized as one of top 50 educators using social media at the first ever Bammy Awards and has been nominated three times in the category of Innovator of the Year. Jeff has Keynoted for the Pearson Authentic Learning Conference, EdTechNJ and most recently at Columbia University's Teacher College and Podcast Mid-Atlantic.

Additionally, the TeacherCast Educational Broadcasting Network has served educational conventions worldwide by providing on-site live broadcasting to thousands of educators each week. Jeff is the host of the TeacherCast PodcastEducational Podcasting Today and the TechEducator Podcast.

Jim Boice is a field representative with the New Jersey Education Association. Prior to joining NJEA is 2012, Jim was a high school English teacher for ten years in the Pennsauken Township School District of Camden County, NJ.

About the author, Jeffrey Bradbury

Jeff Bradbury, creator of TeacherCast, and father of the famous @EduTriplets Thanks for checking out TeacherCast today. Please take a moment to find me on all of my Social Media channels!