Padlet CEO Opens Up About New Pricing Model

Padlet Pricing Update

This week witnessed a major tremor in the Twittersphere when 10 Million monthly users woke up to learn that Padlet, a popular digital bulletin board, has adjusted their pricing model. What happened after that was the coming together of passionate educators about a much-loved technology product to help each other understand why decisions such as this have to happen and also to provide support and alternative ways of providing outstanding lessons in the classroom.  

In this episode of the TeacherCast Podcast, we sit down with CEO Nitesh Goel to discuss the recent price restructuring of Padlet and what it means to educators moving forward. 

I wish to thank Nitesh for a very open and personable conversation. For the last few months, I have been touting Padlet not only to teachers in my own district but at several regional professional conferences. I hope when listening to the interview you will take the time to hear the beginning, middle, and end of the conversation to get a full understanding of why certain decisions were made and why other decisions were not made.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The history of Padlet and how it has grown over 5 years
  • How does an EdTech company get started?
  • What are teachers first impressions of Padlet?
  • How has Padlet grown over the years?New FeaturesCommenting
  • Modified Boards
  • Audio / Video
  • Drawings
  • Understanding the new Padlet Pricing PlansFree vs Pro
  • Legacy Boards for current users
  • How does Grandfathering work
  • How did Padlet come to the number 3 for their current structure
  • Feedback/Pushback from Teachers about changes to price structure.Social Media Support / Feedback from Educators
  • Padlet’s Reaction to Teacher FeedbackIs Padlet considering additional pricing plans?
  • Can Padlet cut features to support a smaller price plan?
  • Would teachers accept a Padlet without a full feature set?
  • How long has this decision been under consideration?Using Data to make difficult decisions
  • Padlet has more than 10 Million users monthlyAverage Padlets per user?
  • Who has the most Padlet boards in their account?
  • What happens if you delete your Padlet?
  • How much Data can you upload on a single Padlet wall?
  • When should teachers expect additional information/action from Padlet?
  • How many employees work at Padlet to support 10 Million educators?
  • Future plans and new features on the horizon for Padlet
  • How does a teacher purchase/upgrade their Twitter account?
  • What are features available in an upgraded plan?Priority Support
  • Domain Mapping
  • Unlimited Padlets
  • Organize Padlets in Folders
  • Ad-Free Platform
  • Purchasing Padlet for Teachers$99/yr
  • Purchasing Padlet for Schools“Padlet Backpack”
  • Unlimited Teachers
  • $1500/yr
  • Accepts Purchase Orders

Community Reaction to Padlet

This week, there have been several videos and posts produced to support and discuss Padlet. Check these out and please use the comments section below to leave your own thoughts or article links.

Here’s The Long and Short

With 10 Million monthly users, it’s not acceptable for anyone to think that free will last forever. Padlet is one of the most versatile tools that you can have in your edtech toolbox. As a good example, in this video, we walk you through just a few ways that Padlet can be used with New Google Sites.

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