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In this episode of EdTech in the Classroom, we welcome Rachel and Shlomi from Smore on the program to discuss how educators and school districts are using Smore’s robust platform to communicate with students, their communities, and each other. Check out EdTech in the Classroom today for other great podcasts featuring your favorite EdTech companies.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Creating a newsletter should be easy and fun, and deliver professional results
  • Using Smore to update parents, staff (internal newsletter) and the greater community
  • Learn how your audience engages with your newsletter through live analytics so that you can build smarter newsletters that you know your audience will love Analytics will show who opened your newsletter, which links were clicked the most, how much time was spent on the newsletter, etc.
  • Using Smore for your entire schoolStreamline school communications and maintain the school's brand with all educators using Smore
  • Control, track, analyze The School or District License's Admin can actually maintain some control of the content going out to ensure that teachers and staff using Smore stay on brand. They can do this by creating beautiful templates that are on brand to send out to other educators on the License so those educators can use the pre-made templates and drop in their original content for their desired audiences.
  • Admin (or admins) of the license have access to a Management Dashboard to view everyone who is active on the license and take a look at what is being sent out! We even have some schools who use the dashboard to create fun games and incentives for teachers/staff to communicate more.
  • Smore Academy built in on-boarding. The built-in on-boarding ensures that all teachers/staff on the license get the proper training they need to be successful Smore users.
  • The future of SmoreEven better analytics
  • Smart tracking (how people engage with your newsletter to help you learn from Your audiences behavior)Hot spots on the newsletter
  • Built-in onboarding with Smore Academycoming now + more in the future
  • Newsletter template sharing

About Smore

Smore enables you to create beautiful newsletters, share them everywhere, and track your results. It's fast and easy to update your class, colleagues, and community members. More than 800,000 educators across the globe use Smore to create gorgeous newsletters. Features like custom designs and enhanced analytics enable educators to quickly master their message and update students, parents, and colleagues in an engaging, professional way. It's easy to look amazing.

How Can Smore Be Used In The Classroom?

In this example, we are using Smore to create professional development tutorials for our teachers.

About our Guests

Rachel Epstein

My name is Rachel Epstein and I am the Head of Business Development and Sales at Smore. I've been with Smore for 3 years and I love working here! We are a fun, dynamic and creative team that makes coming to work a pleasure, really! I am originally from New York and went to college at the University of Colorado at Boulder. I received my MA from Tel Aviv University in Environmental Science. Outside of work, I love backpacking trips, skiing on powder days and traveling whenever possible 🙂 I've been living in Tel Aviv for the past 5 years, enjoying the Mediterranean lifestyle and incredible food.

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