What Are Microsoft Learning Consultants?

Microsoft Learning Consultants

In this episode of the TeacherCast Podcast, Jeff sits down with Lindsey, Zia, Brandon, and Danielle to learn how Microsoft Learning Consultants are providing FREE support and training to Office365 schools worldwide.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Who are Microsoft Learning Consultants?
  • How are MLC's helping School Districts?
  • What types of training is available?
  • How to contact an MLC?
  • How does a school setup training sessions?
  • How to use Teams and OneNote for Professional Development

About the Microsoft Learning Consultants Program

We are a collection of passionate educators with a drive to introduce Microsoft's range of education apps and tools into schools across the country. We combine our knowledge of Microsoft tools with our experience in the classroom to provide trainings that are relevant and customizable. Integrating technology into schools can be challenging– we know! From OneNote Class Notebooks to Microsoft Teams to Sway and more, we share with educators a variety of ways they can utilize Microsoft tools to simplify their days and create an inclusive modern learning environment for all students.

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About our Guest

Lindsey Troyanoski

Lindsey Troyanoski is the Microsoft Learning Consultant for the Greater Philadelphia Area. She is an ed tech lover, elementary and special education teacher, and accessibility advocate. She taught kindergarten and learning support before becoming an MLC. She loves helping educators shift their mindset from just incorporating technology into the classroom, to using technology daily to enhance the curriculum.


Zia Hassan

Zia Hassan is the Microsoft Learning Consultant in DC. Before being an MLC, Zia was an elementary school teacher and technology consultant. Zia is currently writing a book about what it means to run a modern classroom, titled Inventing the Modern Classroom. He is also a musician, magician, and programmer.

Danielle Vogel Olson

Danielle Vogel Olson is the Houston Area Microsoft Learning Consultant. She is passionate about sharing technology tools that allow teachers and students to create and engage in meaningful ways with each other and the content. Before becoming an MLC, she spent 13 years teaching and learning with her totally awesome high school students in her English classroom. As an MLC, she works with Houston area districts, schools, and educators to integrate Microsoft tools to improve instruction and meet the learning needs of all students. She is also an MIE Fellow and MIE Expert.

Brandon Petersen

Brandon is an admitted geek, pop culture junkie, and fan of learning all things techie. When Brandon gets the time he loves to see new movies, hang with friends, learn new things from colleagues, swim, and play games. Brandon currently serves as the Microsoft Learning Consultant for Microsoft in Education. He spends his time in schools across Colorado providing free PD and Support in Skype, Sway, OneNote, and Minecraft: Education Edition. 

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