Mark Wagner: Raising Awareness About What Is Possible In Your Classroom

Mark Wagner: EdTechTeam

In this episode of the TeacherCast Podcast, Jeff welcomes EdTechTeam founder and CEO, Dr. Mark Wagner on the program to discuss why it's vitally important for teachers to help students understand how they each can create their own future by setting goals and helping them on their path to achieving them.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Who is Mark Wagner?
  • The History of EdTechTeamFrom concept to consumer
  • From local to global
  • Summits
  • Services
  • Press
  • Student Voice Foundation
  • Dynamic Learning Project
  • More Now (Available on Amazon and EdtechTeam Press)
  • Becoming the Architect of the Possible
  • The Honeycomb of School Change
  • Courageous Leaders
  • Empowered teachers
  • Student Agency
  • Inspiring Spaces
  • Robust Infrastructure
  • Engaged Community
  • Advice for Teachers looking to build their own brand and move away from the classroom

About Mark Wagner

Formerly a high school English teacher, Dr. Mark Wagner has since served as an educational technology coordinator at the site, district, and county levels. He now serves as President and CEO of the EdTechTeam, a global network of educational technologists which provides professional development and consulting services to learning institutions, non-profits, and for-profit education companies. The EdTechTeam is a California Benefit Corporation with a mission to improve the world’s education systems using the best technology and pedagogy available. They aim to inspire and empower other educators to do the same.

In this capacity, Dr. Wagner leads a global series of EdTechTeam Summits featuring Google for Education. Involved in leading the Google Teacher Academy since 2006, he now helps oversee the Google for Education Certified Innovator Program. He has also been the professional development coordinator for CUE, the educational technology coordinator for the California League of Schools (CLS), and the provider of the technology module for the Orange County Department of Educations’s Administrator Training Program. In addition, he works directly with school districts, independent schools, and other organizations that provide educational products and services.

Mark Wagner has a Ph.D. in Educational Technology and a master’s degree in cross-cultural education. His doctoral research focused on the use of video games in education, and specifically on the potential applications of massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) as constructivist learning environments. He is the author of More Now: A Message from The Future for The Educators of Today (2018).

Outside of his work, Mark loves playing hockey, practicing martial arts, and obsessing over his ’62 beetle. He enjoys songwriting, spending time in nature, and exploring the world with his friends and family. He lives in Irvine, California with his wife, Eva, and boys Clark and Finn. Naturally, he’s a U2 fan.

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