Let’s Talk About Equity and Equal Access for All Students

Equity and Equal Access

In this episode of the TeacherCast Podcast, Jeff speaks with Larry Jacobs & Maia Appleby about the importance of Equity and Equal Access for all students.

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In This Episode …

  • The American Consortium for Equity in Education
  • The AC&E/Equity & Access digital journal
  • Equity issues brought to light by the pandemic and protests

About our Guests

Maia Appleby

Maia is a marketing professional, writer and advocate who has been focusing on equity in education for 10 years. She oversees the editorial strategy of the AC&E/Equity & Access journal and serves as the Executive Director of the American Consortium for Equity in Education. Follow her on Twitter at @maialee.

Larry Jacobs

LARRY IS PRESIDENT of the American Consortium for Equity in Education at ace-ed.org and publisher of the official journal of the Consortium, AC&E/Equity & Access PreK-20. He has an M.ED in Education and both publishing and teaching experience. Follow him on Twitter at @edutalkradio.

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