How Can School Districts Support Pre-Service and New Teachers in their First Few Years?

Supporting Teacher Retention

In this episode of the TeacherCast Podcast, Jeff welcomes Nebraska educator Jennifer Yoder onto the podcast to discuss how teachers can support pre-service and new teachers in their first few years in the classroom.

A special THANK YOU to the NEA Foundation for supporting this episode and connecting Mrs. Yoder and I.

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In This Episode …

  • Teacher shortage crisis and educator retention
  • Why do we have teachers leaving the profession?
    • Classroom Management Issues
      • Students needs are not being met so they are acting out in class
      • Teachers need to understand why students are behaving the way they are
        • Academically
        • Socially
        • Emotionally
    • Not having an internal support system in the district
  • How to create tiered level of supports for teachers and students
    • Tier 1 – First level support
    • Tier 2 – Second Level
      • Allow students to see their counselor
    • Tier 3 – Third Level
      • Students have needs that are beyond the regular classroom can support
  • Should teachers be encouraged to move on from a district and seek employment closer to their homes?
  • How can teachers support themselves if they are looking to transition to another school district?
    • How to build a portfolio
    • How to stand out from the many other teachers applying for that same position
  • Should educators “badge up” their resumes when preparing for career advancement?
  • What skills are missing from pre-service or first year teachers?
  • The value of having a mentorship program for new teachers.
  • Developing new and novice educators
    • Create “Tenure Classes” to support educators in their first few years in the classroom
      • Topics
        • Instructional
        • Social / Emotional
        • Procedural
        • Staff member networking

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About our Guest: Jennifer Yoder

Jen Yoder is a graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and holds advanced degrees in Special Education, Elementary Education, Learning Disabilities and Behavior Disorders. She is currently employed as a Special Education Teacher at the middle school level at Lincoln Public Schools. Mrs Yoder is the recipient of the 2022 California Casualty Teaching Excellence Award and 1999 Outstanding Educator Award for the Midwest Region by the Midwest Symposium of Leadership in Behavior Disorders.

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