95 Phonics Core Program: Unlocking the Power of Literacy for Every Child

95 Percent Group

In this episode of the TeacherCast Podcast, Jeff welcomes Laura Stewart, Chief Academic Office for 95 Percent Group on to the program to discuss 95 Phonics Core Program® is a K–5 phonics program taught to the whole class within the Tier 1 reading block. It is evidence-based, proven to meet ESSA Level 1 criteria, and evidence-aligned with the science of reading. The program builds critical phonics skills through explicit, systematic, and cumulative instruction that meets students where they are and gives them the core phonics knowledge they need to succeed.

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In This Episode …

  • What is 95 Phonics Core Program?
    • How does it work?
    • How will it support student success in the classroom?
    • Where can we learn more about it?
    • What do parents say about the program?
  • What is the 95 Percent Group?
    • What is the mission of the 95 Percent Group?
  • The Science of Reading:
    • What it is and What it Isn’t
    • Phonics Core Program/The 95 Percent Ecosystem
  • What is One95 Ecosystem?
    • Why is it important to integrate professional learning and evidence-based literacy products into one cohesive system?
    • How are schools and districts that you work with tapping into this ecosystem for their classrooms?
  • What is the Science of Reading?
    • What are some of the myths and misconceptions about the Science of Reading?
  • Where can teachers and school districts learn more?

About the 95 Percent Group

95 Percent Group is an education company whose mission is to build on science to empower teachers—supplying the knowledge, resources, and support they need—to develop strong readers. Using an approach that is based in structured literacy, the company’s One95 literacy ecosystem integrates professional learning and evidence-based literacy products into one cohesive system that supports consistent instructional routines across tiers and is proven and trusted to help students close skill gaps and read fluently. 95 Percent Group is also committed to advancing research, best practices, and thought leadership on the science of reading more broadly.

What is the One95 Literacy System?

Explicit and systematic literacy instruction, backed by the science of reading the evidence is consistent and overwhelming: explicit and systematic phonics instruction leads to better outcomes. Our One95 literacy system combines evidence-based instruction tools, resources, and knowledge into one comprehensive system—proven and trusted to help students master reading fundamentals.

Links of Interest

About our Guest: Laura Stewart

Laura Stewart is the Chief Academic Officer at 95 Percent Group. She is a nationally recognized Science of Reading and Structured Literacy advocate who has dedicated her career to improving literacy achievement at leading education companies. Stewart has more than 25 years of academic leadership experience. Most recently, she served as the Chief Innovation Officer for The Reading League and Chief Academic Officer for professional development with the Highlights Education Group. Other key education roles include vice president of professional development for the Rowland Reading Foundation and Zaner-Bloser, school district administrator and adjunct professor.

She is the author of several training guides and training workshops, as well as 12 children’s books, and the co-author of The Everything Guide to Informational Text, K-2: Best Texts, Best Practices (Corwin Press, 2014). She serves on several advisory boards, including The Path Forward for Teacher Preparation and Licensure in Early Literacy.

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