Using Google Plus in your Classroom

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In this episode, we look at how teachers can use Google Plus in their classroom.

Topics Covered:

  • What is Google+… Why do I need it in the classroom?
  • Interface and ways to customize it for classroom safety
  • What can GooglePlus be used for in the classroom?
  • Setting up a classroom profile
  • Creating a “Circle” in your classroom
  • What are hangouts? Why does my class want to hangout?
  • Using Sparks to research information
  • What is a +1 and how can I use it to compile a list of great websites for my class?
  • Using GooglePlus to showcase photos and videos for student demonstrations
  • Using Huddles
  • Creating a digital classroom scrapbook using photos and video
  • Integrating Google Docs into GooglePlus to provide students with great homework help
  • Embedding code from other websites such as LiveBinders or ….. (something)
  • Taking your GooglePlus classroom on the go… mobile apps!
  • How can we protect our children from online predators when Google+ promotes Hangout's so easily with no consideration of innocence?

Featured Guest:

Dennis Freitas: I was first introduced to personal computers in 1983 my first year of college. We have come along way since then. I have had to many machines to list here. I am what is been referred to a “Flipper” I started on a PC switched to Apple than back to PC (due to work) spent most of my time working on Windows machines. In 2007 with the release of the iPhone I dove back into the Macintosh ecosystem and have never looked back.

In Late 2009 I entered to the world of Podcasting Creating Mac Daily Quick Tips and YourMacShow the Podcast. Soon YourMacShow became a Video tutorial screencast based show. We have also had several other Podcasts over last two years such as Apple Aid, Not Another Mac Podcast and most recently GooglePlusToday and All Things Google.

We have several plans for the future with the next major project to be released this Fall. YourTechNetwork. We have an incredible group of people from all different Tech backgrounds who will be contributing their shows to our new Network. The idea is for YourTechNetwork is to be your one-stop shop for all things tech.

Now, where we will differ from the many of other Tech networks online today is ours is tutorial based. A place to learn all about your particular device. We plan to do this with Podcasts, Video tutorials, quick tips and detailed how-to articles. Most of the Networks online today focus on News and rumors. Our Network’s focus is on You and “Helping you Get to Know Tech”

Dennis Freitas

Recorded September 2011

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