Learning about Educational Technology from “The Wired Educator” – Kelly Croy

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Jeff sits down with Apple Distinguished Educator Kelly Croy, the “Wired Educator” to learn how he uses technology in his classroom.

About this episode:

TeacherCast had the pleasure and opportunity to sit down with Kelly Croy, a middle school English teacher, and Apple Distinguished Educator. We discussed several ways for teachers to be more dynamic in the classroom and how we can foster our students to create a place for themselves in this evolving digital world. Kelly told us about the many ways that he uses websites, podcasts, and Twitter to communicate with parents and make learning fun. Kelly is a fantastic educator and also a performance artist. Kelly can be found online at www.KellyCroy.com

Topics Covered:

  • Leading students through the development of technologies
  • “The Adventure of Learning”
  • Teaching your students to flip every button on the ship
  • Helping our students content go viral
  • Teaching Blogs/Essay writing
  • Empowering our students to be individuals
  • In what ways do you see our schools preparing students to be achievers and leaders?
  • What are some fun games or conversation starters we can use our iPads for?
  • What apps have teachers or educators shown you that you have been passing around to your friends?
  • What is an Apple Distinguished Educator? How do you become one?
  • Discussion about Kelly's time as a guest speaker and performance arts.
  • Importance of Eagle Scout award

Websites and Apps Discussed:

About our Guests:

Kelly Croy is a seventh grade English teacher at Oak Harbor Middle School in Ohio. He team teaches in a Challenge Based Learning environment that uses technology in unique and meaningful ways. His students are one to one with MacBooks and they are steadily implementing iPads into the classroom. Kelly is the founder and senior writer for Wired Educator a website dedicated to helping teachers explore exciting technologies in their classrooms. Kelly was honored by Apple in 2011 as an Apple Distinguished Educator and is working with ADEs to create content for iTunes University. Kelly also travels as a speaker and speaker and performance artist, inspiring thousands of students and adults with his unique presentations. He lives with five women. (HIs wife and four daughters.) Kelly is excited about the role technology plays in the upcoming educational revolution.

Recorded Fall 2011

About the author, Jeffrey Bradbury

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