Curate Your World using @LiveBinders

TeacherCast Podcast

Jeff sits down with Barbara and Tina, the creators of LiveBinders to disgust this revolutionary free web tool that is sweeping the educational universe.

Topics Covered:

  • What is LiveBinders?
  • How do LiveBinders work?
  • Creating an account
  • Bookmarking your LiveBinder account
  • Keeping your LiveBinder organized
  • Sharing your LiveBinder
  • Following other LiveBinders
  • Helpful Tutorials
  • Why should teachers be using LiveBinders?
  • How should teachers be using LiveBinders?
  • What types of resources can be found on LiveBinders?”
  • How can students use LiveBinders?
  • How to add things to your live binder
  • Integrating your live binders with your social networks
  • Taking LiveBinders with you on the road
  • The Future of LiveBinders

Websites and Apps Discussed:

About our Guests:

Barbara Tallent has a real passion for creating products that customers love and products that help them communicate. With over 25 years in the Information Technology Industry, Barbara was President/CEO of BoldFish (email marketing software), which she sold to Siebel Systems (now Oracle) She has held executive positions at a number of Internet startup companies and spent six years with NCD, eventually running the Z-Mail division which was one of the first internet email clients.

She volunteers at her local schools where she focuses on technology integration and support. She also volunteers for Astia (Formerly Women's Technology Cluster) where she coaches women on business planning for their start-ups.

Tina Schneider is passionate about creating technology that connects people and ideas; her mission is to enhance digital communication through new forms of narrative. As an MFA graduate student at SF State she applied art theory practice to digital mediums. Tina continued to develop that perspective as in intern at Xerox PARC and then as software researcher with FX Palo Alto Laboratory.  In 2003 she received the prestigious Fuji Xerox Innovative Technology Award for her work addressing the communication behaviors of digital natives.  Today Tina is focusing her attention on educators, providing a platform that empowers them and their students to be knowledge leaders.


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