How can we create the perfect 1:1 learning environment for our students?

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Jeff sits down with Sam Patterson, Jenny Grabec and Casy Cohen to discuss 1:1 education. Topics include starting 1:1, implementing 1:1, and community involvement with 1:1.

Show Topics

  • Going 1:1
  • Choosing the right tech for 1:1
  • Preparing the buildings and classrooms for 1:1
  • How to Go 1:1
  • Getting your Teachers to go 1:1
  • 1:1 Lessons and Lesson Plans
  • Does 1:1 mean 100% Tech?
  • Resources online for 1:1 deployment
  • Community involvement with 1:1

About our Guests

Jenny Grabec

As Director of Instructional Technology at a K-12 independent school, Jenny has the privilege of leading a one-to-one iPad/Mac rollout with students, faculty and staff. The students at her current school have average to above average intelligence and have been diagnosed with specific learning disabilities; primarily dysgraphia, dyslexia, language processing, executive function deficits, and/or attention deficit disorder. Jenny also led the first one-to-one iPad pilot in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools in a middle school and high school classroom of ESL newcomers back in 2011, when the iPad 2 was first released. Jenny is an Apple Distinguished Educator and CEO of Tech Girl Savvy, LLC. Jenny Grabiec

Casy Cohen

Casey Cohen is an English teacher at Philadelphia Performing Arts Charter School (PPACS), an Apple Distinguished, 1:1, paperless school where each student’s primary learning tool is an iPad. She is a lead curriculum writer for the high school English courses. Casey’s curriculum work is based on project-based inquiry learning that supports the Common Core and allows students the freedom to explore and discover their passions and purposes as they take ownership in their learning. Philadelphia Performing Arts Charter School courses are published and can be found in the String Theory Schools collection on iTunes U.

Casey received her B.A. at the University of Michigan, where she studied English, history, and theater in Michigan's Residential College. She received her Ed.M. at Harvard's Graduate School of Education, where she studied English and secondary education in HGSE's Teacher Education Program. Currently, she is earning her Principal Certification at the University of Pennsylvania where she is participating in the School Leadership Program.

Casey is certified in English, social studies, and communications grades 7-12 in PA. She has taught a combination of middle and high school English for eight years. Outside the classroom, Casey has been a theater director, stage manager, track coach, and sponsor for various clubs and activities. At PPACS she organizes a Poetry Out Loud contest and supports the Speech and Debate, Homework, and Yearbook clubs.

Sam Patterson, M.F.A. Ed.D.

Poet, Writer, blogger, teacher of students: Sam has taught in independent Jewish schools for the last 12 years in the subject of English, writing, darkroom photography, algebra, algebra 2, and pre-calc and he currently teaches K-5 technology. Sam is an innovator on campus and he uses his blog to reach out to his campus environment and to reach beyond into the community of connected educators. There are many things that edtech can do, Sam looks at the pedagogical opportunities and helps teachers find the best tool for the job.

Recorded 2014

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