What Can We Learn From Our Students? | A Conversation with Dr. Bill Brennan @drbillbrennan

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Jeff sits down with Dr. Bill Brennan to discuss views on education, social media, parent involvement and much more. For more information, please visit www.TeacherCast.net.

About Dr. Brennan

Dr. Bill Brennan (@DrBillBrennan) is Lead Innovator in Farmingdale Public Schools. A graduate of Fordham University’s Doctoral program in Educational Leadership, Bill led a National Study of School Principals, Knowledge Management, and Organizational Learning. Dr. Brennan continues to teach, write and speak on building digital age learning organizations. He challenges school leaders to re-design organizations to better cultivate human and social capital in the Digital Age.

Topics Covered

  • Farmingdale School District
  • What is a Lead Innovator?
  • Growing a Social Media Presence in your School District and Community
  • How do you Unlearn something?
  • Public Speaking: Keynotes / TEDx etc
  • Professional Development Opportunities in the NYC area
  • Long Island

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