Gifted and Talented: How do we support our most advanced learners?

Jeff sits down with Katie McClarty from Pearson Education to discuss Gifted and Talented education. Learn how the Center for College and Career Success can help you and your students.

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About our Guest

Katie McClarty, Ph.D.Center for College & Career Success

Katie McClarty leads the Center for College & Career Success. She heads a team of researchers in planning and executing research in support of the Center mission, which is to (1) identify and measure the skills needed to be successful in college and careers, (2) determine pathways for students to be college and career ready, (3) track their progress along the pathway, and (4) evaluate effective ways to keep students on track. Dr. McClarty has authored papers, chapters, and presentations related to college readiness, standard setting, assessment design, computer-based testing, interface design, teacher effectiveness, and next-generation assessments. Her work has been published in journals such as the American Psychologist, Research in Higher Education, Applied Measurement in Education, Measurement: Interdisciplinary Research & Perspectives, and Educational Researcher. Dr. McClarty holds a doctorate degree in social and personality psychology from the University of Texas at Austin.

Show Topics

  • Pearson’s Research & Innovation Network and the Center for College & Career Success
  • Study about the impact of skipping a grade on gifted students. What are the benefits of acceleration for gifted students?
  • Are there any consequences for accelerating a gifted student?
  • “A Nation Empowered”
  • The role of technology in helping gifted students becoming successful

Recorded in 2015

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