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Search Engine Optimization is a skill that we all should be thinking about when we teach our students about Digital Citizenship. When we teach our students to comment on each other's Google docs, we are really setting our students up to improve their search rank. In this episode, learn all about SEO and how we can set our students and our websites up for a global audience.

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Kris Reid started Ardor out of necessity. Living in Russia and not speaking the language, he had to find a way to make some money. As a way to bring in some cash, he decided to employ himself and started his entrepreneurial journey. As the Founder and CEO, he is dedicated to turning out a quality product for his clients and creating an exciting and nurturing work environment for his employees. His office in the Philippines employs more than 40 locals, and provides them with invaluable training and education. Kris is a philanthropist and an inventor who constantly has his finger on the pulse of his customers so he can adapt the business to meet the changing demands of the ever-evolving marketplace.


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