How can we fully engage our students in digital learning?


In this episode of the TeacherCast Podcast, I sit down with California educator and SMART Exemplary Educator Denesa Menge to discuss how she has created a fully immersive and interactive learning environment for her students, with the help of SMART Technologies.

One of the most important things you can do with your students is to provide them an engaging, interactive learning environment. When students are active, they become attentive learners. By using tools such as SMART Interactive Boards along with SMART Amp software, students can become immersed in a different type of learning.

About Danesa Menge

Danesa Menge is a seventh and eighth-grade English language arts teacher at Oakdale Junior High School. She is passionate about learning and technology and shares that love with her students and fellow colleagues across the globe. Danesa holds a Master’s of Science in Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment. She is a SMART Exemplary Educator, a Google Certified Innovator, NovoAmbassador, and Flipped Learning international Ambassador. Teaching is not her job, it’s her passion. Getting better it, that is her job.

Learn how @SMART_TECH can be used in your classroom to create an interactive learning experience for your students.

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SMART Technologies

Connect students and their devices to a workspace with all your lesson content

SMART amp brings the whole class, groups of students or individuals together in a shared space to work on projects, add multimedia content and instant message. This is all done using student devices and while tracking contributions from each student, so educators have insight into who is contributing what.


  • Students work together in the collaborative workspace.
  • Contribute to the workspace from anywhere, at any time.
  • Provides the same experience on tablets, laptops and interactive displays.
  • Take over the workspace at any time to demonstrate and describe work to students.
  • Import SMART Notebook lessons, view them in full screen, export pages and write over them.
  • Import your Google Classroom class lists directly. They update automatically.

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