@Eduporium: The Perfect Place to Purchase STEM Equipment for Schools


In this episode of the TeacherCast Podcast, we sit down with Rick Fredkin from Eduporium. Eduporium is a marketplace that acts similar to Amazon, yet is focused on providing school districts a direct, purchase order friendly way of bringing in STEM and Makerspace items into their schools.

About Eduporium

Eduporium is a school partner that views technology as a fundamental literacy in the 21st century. We work directly with teachers, schools, districts, libraries, and makerspaces to provide them with meaningful and discounted technologies that enhance experiential learning and help students develop crucial 21st-century skills. Cooperative partnerships help us expand schools’ access to STEAM technologies, increase the affordability of educational tools, and enable us to customize tech bundles and activities for all grade levels. Our services include educator discounts, customizable EdTech bundles, a Lending Library, and a Donation Program – all of which are designed to increase student readiness and simulate real-world challenges.

Why is Eduporium Important for your School District?

Unlike Amazon and most other online vendors, Eduporium accepts purchase orders which takes hours of time off of administrators and office workers who have to deal with a lengthy paperwork process

How can I find Eduporium?

Recorded in 2017

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