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STEM Education with LEGO

In this episode of the TeacherCast Podcast, we learn that STEM Education is not just for the K-12 classroom but can also be introduced as young as 2-3 years old. Recently, LEGO Education has released great products aimed at our youngest of learners. On today's podcast, we speak with three educators that not only are bringing these products into their classrooms but are responsible for creating a curriculum that can be used both in the classroom and at home by moms and dads.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How can STEAM Education be brought into the PreK classroom?
  • Is it possible to design a MakerSpace for nonreaders?
  • How can your classroom take advantage of great products from LEGO Education?

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About our Guests:

The following participating teachers can speak to the importance of STEAM learning in early education. They have been implementing the new LEGO Education STEAM Park product and curriculum into their student’s classrooms and can speak to the students’ experiences with this resource:

  • Kate Leis, Student and Faculty Achievement Coach at Primrose School of Burlington (MA). Kate oversees and maintains standards of excellence with curriculum and instruction school-wide; she was instrumental in developing STEAM Park. Kate Leis works as a Curriculum and Instruction Coach at the Primrose School of Burlington in Burlington Massachusetts. She has worked previously as a public school Kindergarten teacher and with the YMCA in education administration. She graduated in 2013 from Endicott College with a Bachelors in Early Childhood Education with a minor in Special Education.
  • Alicia Carroll, Director of STEM at Boston Public Schools: Alicia has been implementing STEAM Park into her student’s classroom.
  • Myrna Promousas, Boston Public Schools: Myrna has been implementing STEAM Park into her student’s classroom.

About LEGO Education

LEGO Education offers playful learning experiences and teaching solutions based on the LEGO system of bricks, curriculum-relevant material, and physical and digital resources to preschool, elementary, middle school and after school. Solutions and resources from LEGO Education enable every student to succeed by encouraging them to become active, collaborative learners, build skills for future challenges, and establish a positive mindset toward learning.

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This weeks question is:

In what ways can we develop a unified curriculum that is not just K-12, but PreK-12?

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