Are You Professionally Driven? A Conversation with @JBormann3

Jarod Bormann

In this episode of the TeacherCast Podcast, we speak with Technology Integration Specialist Jarod Bormann, author of the book Professionally Driven. Together, we break down the role of professional development in the school district and begin to understand why it is vitally important to every district to have a clear system from which professional development is given.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why is it important for school districts to constantly rethink their Professional Development strategy?
  • What types of PD work … What types of PD don’t work?
  • When should PD be delivered top-down vs from the ground up?
  • The role of the Tech Coach at various educational levels (classroom, building, district, community)
  • How to think of PD like a Caveman

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About Jarod Bormann

Jarod Bormann is a Technology Integration Specialist at the Keystone Area Education Agency in NE Iowa. He received his Masters degree in Instructional Technology from the University of Northern Iowa, and is currently an adjunct professor for the same Masters program. Jarod taught Middle School/High School English for seven years in one of the first 1:1 iPad schools in Iowa. He is an ISTE presenter and was recognized as the 2014 Iowa Safe Schools Educator of the Year. Jarod blogs at and An annual presenter at the Keystone KPEC Conference, Iowa Technology & Education Connection (ITEC Featured Speaker), as well as other educational tech conferences throughout the Midwest, he is an ITEC Iowa Board Member and co-hosts the Next Level Learning podcast. Connect with Jarod via twitter @jbormann3

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About Professionally Driven

Professionally Driven is a personalized PD model designed to empower every educator in a school district. The model is embedded on three main concepts: growth mindset development, intrinsic motivation, and sustainable autonomy. The book lays out the Why behind these three areas and offers the How-To steps to set up the Professionally Driven model in any school district.

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This weeks question is:

In what ways have you found professional development to be helpful in your school district? How did you know that it was being effective, not just for yourself, but for the entire population of teachers?

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