Bethany Petty: How to enhance learning through technology integration

Bethany Petty

In this episode of the TeacherCast Podcast, we welcome teacher and author Bethany Petty on the podcast to discuss how teachers are creating engaging and dynamic lessons with technology in their classrooms. Together we discuss Blended Learning, Flipped Learning, Gamification, and her new book Illuminate from EdTechTeam Press.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What is the state of Instructional Technology in today's classrooms?Much easier for students to be creators
  • Music easier for students to use the technology they carry with them
  • “Technology is an awesome tool to enhance learning”
  • Where do teachers start if they are scared to start?Technology is not “one more thing to do” it really is about student learning
  • Great Educational ResourcesGoogle ClassroomStudent and Parent Feedback
  • Makes digital teaching easier
  • Easy to share work with parents
  • EdPuzzleEmbed questions and formative assessment in a video
  • FlipgridInteractive Video Platform
  • Teaching students to reflect and provide feedback
  • Flipped LearningIn-Classroom vs Out of Classroom
  • How to Flip your Flipped Classroom
  • Hyperdocs vs Classroom Website
  • Blended LearningUsing Technology purposefully and with a specific intent to enhance learning
  • Gamification

About our Guest

Bethany J. Petty is a Christian, mother, wife, full-time high school teacher, adjunct instructor of educational technology, reader, runner, blogger, and coffee junkie. She regularly blogs at Teaching with Technology, where she shares resources, ideas, EdTech tools, tips and tricks, and reflections from her flipped/gamified high school social studies classroom. Petty’s blog was recently listed as one of EdTech Magazine’s 50 K–12 IT Blogs to Read. She was named a finalist in EdTech Digest’s 2017 Awards in the School Leader category and was listed as one of the top one hundred Flipped Learning teachers worldwide in 2017. She was a Spotlight Educator at the 2018 METC conference and was recently awarded the 2018 VFW National Citizenship Teacher of the Year Award.

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