Creating Virtual Field Trips with Streamable Learning

Streamable Learning

In this episode of TeacherCast Podcast, we welcome Doug Ashton from Streamable Learning along with educators Mark Hauk and Martin McGuire to discuss how students are able to travel the world through virtual field trips. 

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why is it important to bring audio and video into the classroom?Field trips vs virtual trips
  • How to bring in video?
  • What equipment do you need?Audio
  • Video
  • Students watching video vs students creating videoRecorded video
  • Streaming video
  • Video conferencing
  • What types of lessons can teachers create using video?
  • Where is the best place for video to be stored and used?
  • Should classroom video be expensive?Free Resources
  • Premium Resources
  • Augmenting the learning environmentAugmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality
  • What does the future of classroom video look like?

About Company

Streamable Learning is the leading provider of live and interactive video programming to K12 schools and homeschools. Programs are offered through a live streaming calendar of events or a catalog of video conferencing programs. The live streaming calendar is a daily schedule of 2 to 5 programs, available each day from over 100 different Streamable content partners, including leading museums, zoos, aquariums, art and historical organizations, universities, authors, performing art centers and companies. Curriculum coverage includes STEM, art, history, computer science and coding, health and wellness, college and career readiness, music, literature and culture.

  • Twitter – @streamableL
  • Instagram – streamablelearning

About our Guests

Doug Ashton

Doug Ashton is a co-founder and CEO of Streamable Learning, Live Learning Canada and The Live Living Network. Doug was formerly the founder of OpenExchange, Inc. a Boston and New York based video collaboration platform for the financial services industry. Prior to his time building video collaboration platforms, Doug as a long time equity analyst covering technology and telecommunications stocks for investment banks such as Bear Stearns and Jefferies. Doug's started his career in Washington, DC practicing telecommunications law.

Mark Hauk

  • Mark has been a teacher and educational technology advocate for more than 20 years. He currently runs the SD23 Virtual Field Trip & Virtual Reality programs. We connect our teachers & students to scientists, authors, explorers, adventurers, and other experts from around the world via live interactive videoconference. These range from diving the depths of the Great Barrier Reef, to orbiting the Earth on-board the International Space Station (and everything in between!).

Martin McGuire

Martin has been an A/V Engineer, Distance Learning Coordinator, Technology Resource Coordinator and Digital Media Systems Manager for the Chicago Public Schools for a combined 24 years. Martin successfully managed the districts first videoconferencing center in the Chicago Public Schools where his innovations lead to the creation of a nationally recognized virtual field trip program for inner-city youth. As part of his technology responsibilities he managed a school based videoconferencing program where he helped develop the first ever shared teacher program in Chicago. While in his current role as Digital Media Systems manager – Martin created videoconferencing partnerships with schools in Iraq, Mexico, Japan, Italy and Spain. Currently, he supports over 600+ schools that utilize Safari Montage on a daily basis. Most recently Martin has worked with Streamable Learning to bring subject matter experts from museums directly into classrooms. Martin specializes in Professional Development, training, AV technologies for the classroom and large scale visual communication platforms. In 2010, the Association of Information Technology Professionals awarded his team the “Most Effective IT Team Award” for their work with Live video events in schools. In 2011, they were awarded CIO’s Magazines “Top 100 Award” given to organizations that have utilized technology to transform the way business is done. In 2012, he was recognized for his work by his International peers in both Higher Ed and K12 with an “IMS Global GOLD Award” for his work developing Live webinars and video conferences in Chicago. 

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