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In this episode of the TeacherCast Podcast, we welcome Raysana Hurtado from Intel and California Educator, Kennan Scott, onto the program to discuss how Intel is transforming education by demonstrating what might be possible in not just the “classroom of the future”, but the “classroom of the present”.

This year, Intel traveled across the country working with teachers and students to showcase their Intel's Tech Learning Lab, a custom-built, mobile truck that is filled with the most amazing virtual reality and augmented reality workstations to provide hands-on activities to teach students about coding and robotics.

I'd like to thank Intel for joining me for this podcast.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The future classroom is one that incorporates powerful technology and encourages creative approaches to learning, supporting education goals today and for tomorrow.
  • Until now, classroom technology has been used as an add-on to existing instructional methods rather than as tools to improve or revolutionize instruction. Cutting-edge technology-based educational programs can emphasize deeper collaboration and engagement, versus student instruction on software that likely will be obsolete by the time they enter the workforce.
  • Intel’s Tech Learning Lab is an example of how innovative teaching methods, like hands-on, dynamic learning, can help educators build the leaders of tomorrow by developing fundamental career skills like communication, collaboration, self-awareness, problem-solving, critical thinking and more.
  • Some of the demo sessions on the tour include coding a drone to fly, hands-on lessons through virtual reality, introduction to artificial intelligence, design thinking skills, and more. Some of the truck’s VR experiences allowed participants to: Take a virtual field trip to the Renwick Gallery at the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, D.C.
  • Develop virtual robots in the Robotics lab using RoboEngineers by Filament Games.
  • Pilot a spaceship and travel the universe to explore the Milky Way galaxy via virtual reality by VictoryVR.
  • Participate in virtual frog dissections, providing a safer, cost-effective, and more humane life science/anatomy lessons by VictoryVR.
  • Program highlights to-date include:2,150+ students, educators and general public have participated in immersive educational experiences through the Tech Learning Lab
  • 1,020+ virtual tours of the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s “No Spectators: The Art of Burning Man” exhibit
  • 700+ frogs virtually dissected through hands-on science lessons 
  • Technologies in the campaign included Intel AI, PCs by Intel, Lenovo, Alienware, HP, virtual reality by Oculus and HTC Vive and more.

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About Intel

Intel, a leader in the semiconductor industry, is shaping the data-centric future with computing and communications technology that is the foundation of the world’s innovations. The company’s engineering expertise is helping address the world’s greatest challenges as well as helping secure, power and connect billions of devices and the infrastructure of the smart, connected world – from the cloud to the network to the edge and everything in between.

Intel’s 360⁰ approach to education technology keeps the focus on a student-centered learning experience. It gives educators access to digital tools, content and data that takes personalized learning to the next level. And it enables students to hone 21st-century skills to better prepare for careers in the modern workforce. Find more information about Intel at and

For More information

Intel Tech Learning Lab

Intel’s Tech Learning Lab is a custom-built mobile container truck outfitted with virtual reality (VR) demo stations, powerful PCs, augmented reality (AR) and Internet of Things (IoT) smart whiteboards. Accompanied by immersive, hands-on workshops featuring artificial intelligence, coding and robotics, it made stops at schools and other education institutions across the country from October through December 2018.

Through this tour, Intel brought innovative teaching methods to educators to help them build the leaders of tomorrow by developing fundamental career skills like communication, collaboration, self-awareness, problem-solving, critical thinking and more. The Tech Learning Lab tour was designed to engage with educators and spark conversations that go beyond the classroom to fuel curiosity about the role of technology and its impact on our world and daily lives.

About our Guests

Raysana Hurtado

Growing up, Raysana Hurtado’s parents, who both fled their countries due to dictatorship, always told her that education was the one thing no one could take away from her. That theme resonated throughout Raysana’s life and brought her to where she is today. Years of struggling in school led her to a career dedicated to helping students with different learning styles through technology.

As the Education Segment Manager, Raysana currently runs the strategy for education technology at Intel. By focusing on the needs of students and teachers, Raysana is looking to transform education with technology that meets those needs. In addition to extensive research into how technology can provide appropriate interventions for different learning styles, Raysana spent more than five years as a teacher and program director at Streetwise Partners and has done pro-bono consulting work for several different edtech companies. Prior to her current role at Intel she was the Strategic Engagement Manager for the industrial segment of Internet of Things.

Raysana holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Adelphi University and an MBA from Harvard Business School. She believes in the power of paying it forward and devoting time to building access to knowledge for the underserved. Raysana is a Board Member of the Harvard Business School Latino Alumni Association and the Intel Latino Network of Santa Clara. Outside of work, she enjoys being an active part of the EdTech community in SF or traveling to new places in search of adventure.

Social Links: LinkedIn

Kennan Scott

Kennan Scott empowers young engineers to develop meaningful solutions to the problems faced in their communities through problem-solving and design thinking. Stemming from his experience as a transportation engineer, Kennan always held education in high regard and seized the opportunity to make a greater difference in the black community by teaching engineering to West Oakland youth.

As the Manager of Computer Science at the Oakland Unified School District Kennan supports curricular and teacher professional development, and partners with public, private, and nonprofit entities to expand work-based learning, internships and career opportunities for Oakland's youth.

Social Links: Twitter, LinkedIn

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