An Introduction to WordPress

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Jeff sits down with Dustin Hartzler to talk about WordPress. WordPress is a free website creation tool where teachers can set up a dynamic and engaging class website.

Featured Topics:

  • What is WordPress?
  • vs
  • Finding Server space
  • Setting up a Social Networking site using BuddyPress
  • Why is WordPress Easy to setup and get Started?
  • Favorite Plugins for WordPress

Featured Websites:

Featured Guest:

Dustin Hartzler is a full-time WordPress website developer who focuses on helping small business create great looking, easy to maintain website. Dustin works for his own company, Hartzler Digital Media (, in Dayton Ohio.

Along with developing websites for a living, Dustin also produces the most popular WordPress podcast on iTunes, Your Website Engineer ( On the podcast Dustin shares the things that he is learning to help others take their WordPress sites to the next level. He also fields listeners questions on this weekly produced show. Each show has a focused topic that the audience can put in to play each week.

Recorded in 2012

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