How do we teach our students Practical Entrepreneurship?

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In this episode of the Microsoft Innovative Expert Spotlight Series Podcast, we welcome MIE Expert Ole Johnny Devik on to the program to discuss how he brings the world of business and marketing into the classroom.

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About Ole Johnny Devik

After working in media for most of his career until 2010, Ole Johnny Devik now teaches media subjects, ICT skills and practical entrepreneurship in upper secondary school (age 16-19 years). Ole Johnny wants his students to experience a practical education, centered around the use of their developing media skills to contribute to the local community. Ole Johnny also aims to give his students international entrepreneurship experience, working closely with teachers and students in other countries.

As a classroom teacher Ole Johnny has been a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert for three years, and an MIEE Fellow for the last two years. He has been awarded the regional award for best Entrepreneurship teacher in his home state, and his students have won national, European and international entrepreneurship awards. In 2015 his mini company won the Global Joint- Venture Award. Outside of academic subjects in education and media, he has also had three vocational diplomas in media, photography, and ICT.

Ole Johnny is currently employed at Hafstad Upper Secondary in Norway, where he managed a two year Erasmus+ collaboration with teachers and students in Sweden, Spain, and France. The goal is to build strong networks between the students from each country, and for them together to learn, and develop their entrepreneurial skills.

Student Created Films

The MIE Fellow, Ole Johnny Devik: is leading a project called International Entrepreneurship with new methodologies,

Four schools in the project

  • Bell-lloc, Spain (main coordinator)
  • Lycée d'Enseignement Général Technologique a Richelieu Rueil Malmaison, France (responsible for sales and purchases)
  • Hafstad vgs, Norway (responsible for design and communication)
  • Sven Eriksonsgymnasiet, Sweden (lined tion finance, plan collection in Sweden, etc.)

The goal is to learn about teamwork and entrepreneurship, and cooperation across national borders. The cooperation will be through Skype, OneNote, social media, e-mail (as little as possible) – in addition to pupils and teachers should meet on physical and have workshops, presentations, training and cooperation. First in Spain in November, then in Sweden in March 2017 (with the participation of the booth where pupils compete for best design, etc.), so Hafstad autumn 2018. And finally in Paris in spring 2018, then we round out and evaluates the project.

In addition, teacher (me and the three other project owner) meets in Paris in mid-November, and finally our 2018 in Girona, Spain to evaluate and terminate its reporting.

In addition to that we will be working with entrepreneurship will my pupils work with design and create educational materials about logo design and online store for use by pupils and teachers in total Europe, shared with Erasmus + and Junior Achievement. This will be the great legacy of the project, together with documentation showing how others may like, work collaboration. It should vary these blogs and disassembled in the pipeline in all four countries.

I am the project manager and is responsible for several similar project in Uganda and in Europe. But it's with most economy that I have working on to no. So great expectations as and it is hoped that it will comet new knowledge out of it for both teachers and pupils.

Hoping to use Surface as collaborative tool in Norway (then pupils can use it as Skype and collaboration platform, as well as using pen and touch to the design work, test responsive design web pages / shop-solving, and others).

We lay the foundation for the project in Paris 19.-21. November. I take the camera and documents.

Source from earlier prices, a project:

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