Using Google Hangouts in the Classroom

Google Hangouts in the Classroom

Google HangoutsWelcome to the 11th episode of the Tech Educator Podcast hosted by Jeff Bradbury, Sam Patterson, Jeff Herb and Jon Samuelson. The Tech Educator Podcast is a weekly roundtable discussion about current topics in educational technology. For more information, please visit

Google Hangouts

  • What are they?
  • Why should educators use Google Hangouts??

So many educators are connecting on Twitter – take it a step further and interact with a Twitter Chat or just jump in with some of the people you interact with regularly on Twitter to have a discussion.

Teachers can share the idea with students to get them using GHO for study groups, practicing speeches and presentations, or collaboratively working on group projects outside of class.

Things to know before you start:

  • You will need a Google Plus account.

Invites/Getting Invited – where to find the link.

The GHO Toolbox

  • lower 1/3
  • how to make it
  • what it should say
  • how to change it
  • don’t worry that it is backwards

Google DRIVE

  • Easily share collaborative documents with those in the Hangout by using the Drive feature.
  • Allows you to share an existing drive document with those in the chat.
  • Allows you to create a new document or sketchpad with those in the chat.
  • Great for collaborative study groups or meeting notes.

Google Hangouts ON AIR

  • setting up
  • Broadcasting
  • embed availability/ what happens after

Tips for Google Hangouts, or how to be an excellent member of a GHO

  • Guidelines for Google Hangout
  • play with it first, specifically find the control for “lower third” and make a name-bar for yourself with your twitter name and “#PATUE”
  • During the Hangout EVERYONE WEARS HEADPHONES. This is needed to make sure the audio works right on the recording
  • Mute your mic when you are not talking. Yes we can hear you typing. (NO MORE! GHO AUTO MUTES WHEN TYPING)
  • Keep an eye on the Chat window in GHO, I will use this to communicate with you

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