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Creating Online Courses with iTunesU

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About our Guests:

Rebecca Wildman

Rebecca Wildman, Apple Distinguished Educator, and Google Certified Teacher is a fourth-grade teacher at Boyne City Elementary School in Boyne City, MI. She is recognized nationally for creating engaging and comprehensive iTunes U courses aligned to the Common Core in the area of English Language Arts. Check out Rebecca on Twitter, @RebeccaWildman and her website at www.ipadpd.com

Jenny Grabec

As Director of Instructional Technology at a K-12 independent school, Jenny has the privilege of leading a one-to-one iPad/Mac rollout with students, faculty, and staff. The students at her current school have average to above average intelligence and have been diagnosed with specific learning disabilities; primarily dysgraphia, dyslexia, language processing, executive function deficits, and/or attention deficit disorder. Jenny also led the first one-to-one iPad pilot in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools in a middle school and high school classroom of ESL newcomers back in 2011, when the iPad 2 was first released. Jenny is an Apple Distinguished Educator and CEO of Tech Girl Savvy, LLC.

Recorded August 4, 2014

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