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Jeff sits down with Jason and Ray from Turnitin.com to discuss internet plagiarism in the classroom.

Featured Resources

  • Turnitin is a cloud-based solution that saves instructors time and helps students become better writers by facilitating rich, comprehensive feedback using three core tools:
  • OriginalityCheck®: Identifies potential plagiarism by matching student work against a vast database of content;
  • GradeMark®: Provides a platform for fast and easy paperless grading using drag-and-drop comments and rubrics;
  • PeerMark®: Automates peer review exercises to engage students and encourage collaborative learning.”

Featured Guests

Ray Huang:

Ray is the Customer Programs Manager for Turnitin. He regularly writes for the Turnitin blog and newsletters, organizes user events, and oversees training resources. Ray can be reached at: rhuang@turnitin.com

Jason Chu:

Jason is the Senior Education Manager at Turnitin. His focus is on working to build resources for educators, and he is passionate about finding better ways to enhance student achievement. Jason can be reached at: jchu@turnitin.com

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Recorded in 2014

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