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The Importance of Telling Your Story

The Importance of Telling Your Story

In the world of speaking, podcasting, writing, and consulting, it’s pretty easy to start your own brand. You build a website, add a logo and boom … you are a brand.  But the question then turns to “how do people know about your brand so that they can like, know, and trust your brand?” In…

Are you targeting the right avatar to build your EDU Brand?

Choosing The Right Avatar

Are you trying to Build Your EDU Brand and finding that you aren’t getting the traction that you think you should be getting? Perhaps the answer isn’t you or your networking skills, rather it might just be your game plan altogether. For many of us, we have an idea to do “something” for “someone” with…

What Does Your Social Media Profile Say About Your EDU Brand?

What does Your Social Media Profile Say about Your EDU Brand?

Social Media … It’s a wide-open space filled with many different companies, each having their own languages, philosophies, and rules of engagement. How do you stand out? Which platform should you choose? How do you Build Your EDU Brand on these platforms? In this episode of the Jeff Bradbury Show, we take a look at…

10 Expert Tips To Help You Build Your EDU Brand

10 Expert Tips To Help You Build Your EDU Brand

This week at the FETC Conference in Miami Florida, I had the opportunity to meet and reconnect with hundreds of amazing educators and educational technology companies.  The time spent here interacting with all of these amazing entities has made me realize a few important things about Building Your EDU Brand. In this episode of the…

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