How To Help Your School District Make Good Purchasing Decisions

Helping Your District Make Good Purchasing Decisions

In this episode of “Ask the Tech Coach,” Jeff and Susan talk about evaluating tech tools, things to consider,  and working with administrators on purchasing needed technology for physical and virtual classrooms. How To Help Your District Purchase EdTech Have meaningful discussions with your administrators Discuss the Why and the How in addition to the…

The Importance of Tech Coaches Focusing on Function and NOT on Application

Why Should Tech Coaches Focus on Function Rather Than Application_

In this episode of “Ask the Tech Coach,” Jeff sits down with New Jersey Tech Coach Eric Guise to talk about the importance of Tech Coaches focusing on the function rather than the application.  For many Tech Coaches, they are often in a position of wanting to push a specific app because it’s the latest and greatest.  However, for many teachers, these new and exciting applications aren’t household names and it’s often scary to think about introducing something new.


Kahoot Podcast

In this episode of EdTech in the Classroom, we welcome Asmund Furuseth from Kahoot! To share the launching of a brand new Kahoot! Certification program for educators worldwide.  For more information about Kahoot!, please visit