Sony KOOV: A Complete Building, Designing, and Coding Solution for K12 STEM Classrooms

By Jeffrey Bradbury / 01/04/2019 /

KOOV is the all-in-one coding, robotics and design kit that combines digital coding with physical building to teach the next generation of problem-solvers and innovators.

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The Conrad Challenge

The Conrad Challenge: Where Students Create World-Changing Innovations

By Jeffrey Bradbury / 09/18/2018 /

In this episode of the TeacherCast Podcast, we learn how the Conrad Challenge is promoting collaborative, student-centered, real world-relevant learning that fosters innovation and entrepreneurship, unleashing students’ potential to create future-defining solutions and a sustainable society for generations to come.

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LEGO Education Master Educator Meetup

LEGO Education Master Educator | ISTE 2018

By Jeffrey Bradbury / 07/05/2018 /

This year at ISTE, I had the amazing opportunity to join 90 educators from across the United States as a member of the first cohort of the LEGO Education Master Educator program.  The LEGO Educator Master Educator Program is a network of educators who use LEGO Education solutions in their classroom to inspire their students.

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Puppets in Education

The History of Puppets in Education: Celebrating the Life and Legacy of Jim Henson

By Jeffrey Bradbury / 05/17/2018 /

In this episode of the TechEducator Podcast, we pay tribute to the anniversary of the passing of the late great Jim Henson.

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SelfCAD: 3D Modeling Application for your 3D Printers

By Jeffrey Bradbury / 04/22/2018 /

In this episode of EdTech in the Classroom, we welcome Natalia Ulianets from SelfCAD on the podcast to discuss their pretty awesome 3D modeling application.  SelfCAD is an online 3D Modeling and Slicing program that allows students to create amazing physical structures no matter what platform they are using.

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