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Ask the Tech Coach Episode 17

First Time Professional Development Tips and Tricks for Tech Coaches

By Jeffrey Bradbury / 09/17/2018 /

In this episode of “Ask the Tech Coach,” Jeff and Nick take a look at faculty and department meetings and discuss several solutions for choosing the best topic that will help to set up a great year of working with teachers and students. 

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Ask The Tech Coach Episode 16

Tech Coach Q&A | September 2011

By Jeffrey Bradbury / 09/10/2018 /

In this episode of “Ask the Tech Coach,” Jeff and Nick answer the questions you have emailed, tweeted and left voice messages about.  

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Ask The Tech Coach Episode 15

What Can You Expect in your First Month as an Instructional Coach

By Jeffrey Bradbury / 09/03/2018 /

In this episode of “Ask the Tech Coach,” we welcome Kerry Gallagher, Sean Hackbarth, and Michael Krauszer on the program to discuss the many things that happen in the first month of being a Tech Coach.  For so many of us, the first month is filled with excitement but also misery when things don’t go so well.  What is important is that we all learn how to get our first few staff encounters to be positive ones so that we have a fantastic program that is built on relationships and not just on tech.

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Ask the Tech Coach Podcast episode 14

How Should a Digital Learning Coach Introduce Themselves To Their Building Staff

By Jeffrey Bradbury / 08/28/2018 /

In order to have a successful start to the school year, it is important that you ask questions of your staff and get them to learn about your program and your intentions for working with them as a coach. It’s also important that you make yourself available to their needs as teachers.

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Creating Staff Self Assessments

How To Assess the Digital Learning Skills of your Staff Members

By Jeffrey Bradbury / 08/21/2018 /

In this episode of “Ask the Tech Coach,” Nick and Jeff take a look at the many ways that school districts can assess the technology skills of staff members. For many tech coaches, the collection of useable and actionable data is the basis for their entire programs.  In this show, we take a look both at traditional surveys that tech coaches can use as well as nontraditional assessment methods for quickly identifying skillsets of individual staff members.

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