How Can Teachers use OKIOCAM to Elevate Classroom Instruction?

By Jeffrey Bradbury / 10/26/2021 /

OKIOCAM is a USB Document Camera by OKIOLABS. Learn why it’s the perfect companion to any K12 1:1 Technology Program.

3 Ways that OKIOCAM Can Help Teachers And Students Create Dynamic Digital Learning Spaces This Year!

By Jeffrey Bradbury / 09/25/2021 /
OKIOLABS Document Cameras

OKIOCAM is a USB Document Camera by OKIOLABS that features a high definition camera, foldable base and fits easily in any backpack.   

Keynote Address: How Do We Support Our Students As They Return To Our Classrooms?

By Jeffrey Bradbury / 04/03/2021 /
Jeff Bradbury Keynote Address: METECH Conference 2021

How are you creating dynamic lessons as your students return to school and enter your classroom? In this Keynote address from the METECH Conference, speaker Jeffrey Bradbury shares his journey into a new classroom and provides a vision for what a post-COVID classroom can look like for your school district.

Can Streaming Video Be The Superhero Of The 2020-21 School Year?

By Jeffrey Bradbury / 09/29/2020 /

This year, teachers and students across the country are faced with new challenges both in and out of the classroom. School safety aside, the biggest obstacle for teachers is creating a positive learning environment that is engaging to students no matter their classroom.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, teachers are being required to adjust their lessons,…

3 Ways to Use Augmented Reality in Hybrid Learning

By Jeffrey Bradbury / 09/20/2020 /
3 Ways to use Augmented Reality in Hybrid Learning

Distance learning is here to stay for the foreseeable future. By accepting this, we can be better prepared to adapt to it. A recent New York Times study revealed only one in seven parents said their children will be returning to school full time this fall. As a result, teachers and parents are looking for…

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