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Add BookWidgets to Your Next Google Classroom Assignment!

By Jeffrey Bradbury / 08/22/2022 /
BookWidgets as Google Classroom Add-ons

Are you looking to do something a bit different this year to spice up your digital learning lessons?  This summer during the ISTE Conference, I was excited to learn that Google Classroom was launching a brand-new feature called “Google Classroom Add-ons” which would bring additional functionality to our favorite Google Workspace Learning Management System. For…

How to Collect Coaching Data and Create A Dynamic Data Dashboard

By Jeffrey Bradbury / 07/25/2022 /
The Importance of Data Collection for Instructional Coaches

Learn how to create a Daily Teacher Interaction Tracker using Google Sites that is PERFECT for any Instructional Coach. Or… Download Our Free Template Today!

How is a Successful Instructional Coaching Newsletter Created?

By Jeffrey Bradbury / 07/25/2022 /
Is Your Coaching Newsletter Working

Learn how to leverage your Instructional Coaches Newsletter to support not only your teachers, but your district strategic goals!

Turn Your Weekly Instructional Coaching Newsletters into Creative Classroom Coaching Conversations

By Jeffrey Bradbury / 07/18/2022 /
Instructional Coaches Guide to Creating Classroom Coaching Conversations out of Creative Coaching Newsletters

Are you looking to provide more value to teachers from your Weekly Email Newsletters? Learn how to increase Instructional Coach / Teacher Interactions Today!

Learn about 70 of the Best Chrome Extensions that Instructional Coaches are Using This Year!

By Jeffrey Bradbury / 07/17/2022 /
70+ Chrome Extensions for Instructional Coaches Blog Post Bumper 2022

Learn which Chrome Extensions are the best ones for your Instructional Coaching Program.

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