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14 Great Ways To Use Google Apps While Attending The #ISTE Conference This Year

By Jeffrey Bradbury / 06/01/2019 /
G Suite at ISTE Conference

Are you attending a MEGA-CONFERENCE this year? Here are some ways that Google Apps can help keep you organized!

12 Educational Technology Coaches to turn to when you get stuck in the classroom #AskTheTechCoach

By Jeffrey Bradbury / 03/26/2018 /
Top 10 Instructional Technology Coaches

It can be said that a good Technology Coach is like having a box of band-aids in your car.  You really don’t ever think you will need them … until you really need them.  When done right, the Technology Coach position in a school district is an invaluable resource both for students, teachers, and administrators.…

Top 10 (Plus 1) @MinecraftEDU Educators To Follow in 2018 | @playcraftlearn

By Jeffrey Bradbury / 03/11/2018 /
Top 10 Minecraft Educators on Twitter

Here are 11 of the best educator resources to follow on twitter if you are interested in Minecraft Education.

Top 10 STEM Educators To Follow on Twitter in 2018

By Jeffrey Bradbury / 01/22/2018 /
Top 10 STEM Teachers 2018 - TeacherCast Blog

Here is a non-sequential list of 10 of today’s best STEM resources. Please take a moment this week to listen to their shows and follow them on Twitter.

The Top 10 Reasons to be a @MicrosoftEDU Educator

By Jeffrey Bradbury / 12/26/2017 /
Top 10 MIE Experts 2018 - TeacherCast Blog

The Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) Expert program is an exclusive program created to recognize global educator visionaries who are using technology

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